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“Trust is built and maintained by many small actions over time. Trust is not a matter of technique, tricks or tools but of character. We are trusted because of our way of being, not because of our polished exteriors or our expertly crafted communications.”

What is is that we do? Well, the short answer is, we keep you safe. You see, almost universally, people who are considering a retirement, a relocation or simply buying or building a second home on foreign soil seem to think it’s the same as buying a home in the States; that your US real estate agent or broker is qualified to handle the acquisition. It’s not and, respectfully, they’re not; especially if your proposed acquisition is in Mexico. Mexico is, in a word, “different”. In fact it’s truly, still, the wild, wild west when it comes to real estate investment; a place where we’ve spent the better part of 20 of our 36 years in real estate law and sales representing clients who needed to secure individually-titled properties be they in Baja or Mainland Mexico; and in all that time, there has always been but a single rule in Mexico; there are no rules.

So don’t be fooled like with “the man behind the curtain” in the Wizard of Oz because there’s no such thing as a licensed, real estate broker or agent in Mexico. There’s no such thing as governmental oversight or regulation, no study and qualifying-testing so experience and matriculation doesn’t exist; and only recently has the country finally begun to recognize procedures like “escrow” and “title insurance” as necessary components of the real estate acquisition process. That said, with a combined 76-years of experience in real estate law and property acquisition, 20 of which have been specific to Mexico, The AmesGroup is uniquely qualified to help you legally find and acquire the exact property for which you’re looking. But here’s the deal; what’s, “Uniquely qualified” mean? It means simply, professional individuals who are fully-licensed and bonded and operate under both the laws of the United States and those of Mexico pursuant to its partner, Mexico real estate corporation R-Mac Realtors not only here in Baja but in the Mainland as well. And that means, simply and perhaps crudely stated, “In the unlikely event that something goes horribly wrong in your real estate transaction and, “S**t hits the fan” so to speak, you have legal recourse in a competent court of jurisdiction both in Mexico and in the US.

So if you’re considering buying or building your own custom, beachfront home here in Baja on the beautiful, quiet Sea of Cortez near the world famous town of San Felipe just 90-minutes south of the California border on property you actually own and don’t just lease or timeshare, then our own Rancho Costa Verde just might be for you; a development in which we’re so comfortable that we’re building our own beachfront home having known the developers for more than 3-decades; and we’d be happy to speak with you and perhaps host you to a weekend visit as our guest. But if you’re thinking Mainland Mexico or perhaps somewhere else in Baja would better suit your needs, then with more than 20-years structuring real estate acquisitions for our international investment clients throughout this magnificent country, we’d also be happy to point you in the right direction; a direction that leads to some of the country’s most knowledgable and experienced, licensed and bonded professionals who are not only people we’ve known and dealt-with for years, many times decades, but people who are well-qualified and able to look after your interests and assist you in your search for that perfect property.

Either way, no matter where your Mexican property acquisition interests lie, we’ve distilled our 36-years of legal knowledge and experience and 40-years of sales and appraisal experience into what we’re told are easy-to-understand compendiums of information contained both within this website as well as it’s partner video channel at YouTube.com/@MexicoRealEstateBible. By using them as a research tool, you’ll be able to answer the hundreds of questions you really should be asking when you’re considering investing in property here in Mexico. And they’re yours to use, free of charge. Why? Well, simply put, because many if not most of the websites and “Channels” out there are concocted by individuals without a trace of the specific legal knowledge, education, experience or credentials necessary to elicit any type of reliance on the information provided. In fact, more times than not, the information we see on these sites that are typically either pay-to-play or tied directly to a marketing campaign are, at best, either vague ambiguous copies of information gathered from other ill-informed sites or at worst, contain outright incorrect and dangerous false statements designed to be taken as somehow authoritarian. So we decided to distill our collective 70-some years of verifiable experience and knowledge into a complete, reliable, researched and documented source for anyone to use in their search for that perfect property be they our clients or merely interested parties.

Despite the advancements Mexico has made in forging a responsible, reliable real estate network of professional property investment databases, at its professional core, the Mexican real estate industry remains an un-governed and un-regulated endeavor and one which is carried on in a manner that is, for the most part, dangerous to the uninformed participant and wholly foreign to most American investors. So with that said, if you feel that life at a private, guard-gated secure, custom-home residential community like Rancho Costa Verde and all that it stands for; safety, security, community, exclusivity and proximity to the US, represented by competent, qualified, regulated, licensed and well-experienced bonded real estate professionals might be what you’re looking for, then great; we’d love to have you contact us, but if not, then we still believe you should have access to both the most credible information available and direction to other well-established, licensed and bonded real estate professionals as you search for your own piece of paradise no matter where it is in this beautiful country. So in addition to this website, please venture over our our YouTube channel for comprehensive compendiums and videos specific to property acquisition in Mexico.

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