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What Is It That We Do

Apophenia, Plain and Simple

“The ability to find meaningful patterns in meaningless noise is useful in a world where the meaningless noise comes in the form of too much bureaucracy.”

face of jesusSometimes it’s as plain as seeing Jesus’ image on a piece of toasted, white bread. Other times its finding Him praying up to the heavens with outstretched arms, hidden in the Eagle Nebula M16 as seen to the right through the lens of the Hubble Space Telescope. It’s called “Apophenia” and it’s defined as, “The ability to see things that others don’t; the tendency to perceive meaningful connections between otherwise unrelated things“. And so it is with both land use and real estate law and the governmental bureaucracy that rules over both. Be it an investment in a single-family home or a larger portfolio acquisition, success depends in large measure in seeing what’s not there…perhaps yet. In land use, it’s the little known and long forgotten statute that stops a city from an unlawful taking of a person’s home and property. In local real estate and land use, its advising clients when and when not to buy a property; like when the city has plans for a halfway house on the vacant lot just next door to a home that a family is considering, or the fact that the State has plans for a freeway extension increasing the value of land in a certain area. In foreign acquisition, it’s reading the political and socio-economic winds that drive the ever-evolving landscape of opportunity; what shape the country’s currency is in; crime rate statistics; labor relations and a hundred other factors that influence the desirability of an investment and the risk involved. In short, The AmesGroup’s involvement typically begins when others are at their witt’s end in land-related issues or the investor seeks the patent, unassailable assessment of an investment opportunity. We are, simply, the investors fail-safe.

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Real Estate Acquisition

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Property Acquisition & Land Use

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Governmental Affairs

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How it All Applies to You

The moniker “boutique” is typically applied to specialized areas of a particular practice that don’t fit the conventional mould. And that precisely fits The AmesGroup. In Real Estate, representing predominately buyers rather than sellers is unique because, as they say, usually “the money’s in the listings!” But when it comes to our Real Estate practice, we prefer to represent the buyer for the myriad reasons set forth in our Real Estate Section. In Land Use, well, the entire practice is “specialized”. And in foreign and domestic property acquisition, especially portfolio acquisition, let’s just say it’s a very, very small world. As a “boutique” firm that’s been thriving for 34-years by applying our three pillars; honesty, integrity and hard work, our record speaks for itself relative to how it all applies to you and certainly much more than we could ever say. But simply put, you don’t load a six-shooter with just one bullet. So why settle for just a real estate agent, the other party’s agent to protect your interests?

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