Built on trust and a passion for the environment, the company has been delivering world-class developments for more than 30-years.


R-Mac has been successfully developing properties in the western United States and Mexico since the 1980s. With a clear affinity for his ancestral home, Principal Robert Ríos and his long-time partner Michael Cresci began work in 2009 on the long-term project that is today Rancho Costa Verde; a 1200 acre, master-planned community just  south of the town of San Felipe, itself just 90-minutes south of the southeastern California border crossing at Mexicali.

Ensenada Mayor and ancho Costa Verde developers

“A passion for developing environmentally conscious homes”

At that time, the development was to be the world’s  first, self-sustaining, self-sufficient and self-reliant, affordable, master-planned, residential community that left only a negligible eco-footprint for its use of the incredibly valuable Mexican coastline.

“Living energy-independently is not a slogan, its a way of life”

And so, employing the same, advanced solar and eco-based technologies that originated in the labs at NASA/JPL, the company chased environmental approvals through 4-mayoral elections gaining not only approvals but accolades from each until ground was finally broken and Phase 1 sold out  before the roads were even in. Phases 2 & 3 followed with a total today of 1009 happy property owners, 103 of which have completed their custom homes and are now Rancho Costa Verde residents and 30+ more are in the design, approval or construction processes with Phases 4 and 5 now opening, all behind a guard-gated entry and hosted by a spacious clubhouse and entertainment facility, olympic-pool and spa, restaurant, recreational facilities and twelve vacation casítas for our owners’ guests

“Join in El Revolucíon

1810 saw Mexico gain its independence from Spain in a first-step toward freedom. In 1910, LA Revolucíon continued the struggle for property rights and true independence.  In 1994, property ownership by foreigners finally became Mexican law. And in 2009, Rancho Costa Verde’s developers staged their own Revolucíon giving investors, vacationers and expat retirees alike the ability to enjoy affordable, beachfront or beachside homeownership on the still-unspoiled coast of the Sea of Cortéz. Join El Revolucíon  and see how truly liberating life can be on the beach at Rancho Costa Verde.

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