It’s about being brave enough to live the life of our dreams according to our vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.

Vision without action is merely a dream

For many, the goal of energy independence is just that, a goal. For R-Mac and our Rancho Costa Verde owners, it’s a realization. No power poles to spoil the view; no wastelines to ruin the still-pristene ocean waters; just pure, clean, environmentally-safe, independent living leaving nothing behind but our footprints in the sand.

polystyrene wall
footprints in sand

“Dream lofty dreams; for as you dream, so shall you become”

Life at the ocean should give one a sense of belonging; a feeling of serenity. It should be a place of sanctuary where life becomes a joy, home is truly where the heart is and you’re living the dream.

“Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better and to live better”

As the wildfire-riddled and Covid-poisoned ends of the last decade and the beginning of this one have taught us, the future is never assured where there is dependence on others for existence. The best insurance we can have is to live life as independently as we can and that’s exactly why Rancho Costa Verde was envisioned in the manner it was; a solar-powered community with local, mountain water and individual, biodegrading waste facilities, secluded from the masses yet just 2-hours by car from the border and, of course, wirelessly “wired” to world via the internet.

mountain water stream

“Diversity is simply the art of thinking independently together.”

Rancho Costa Verde may be the culmination of the vision of a team of visionaries who saw the value in truly independent, clean living, but it’s also the result of many great minds working toward that common goal. With vision as the captain, the actions of many can change the world and the people inĀ  in it.

septic system
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