“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”

Ms. Mahoney-Ames has served California as a real estate professional since 1975, first as a trusted United States Federal bank appraiser providing reliable, qualified, financial assessments of real properties under financial consideration for acquisition or funding by some of the largest and most well-respected financial institutions in the nation. With national responsibilities well-before the “digital age”, Ms. Mahoney was  entrusted with not only the physical possession of highly-sensitive and many-times classified files but also the use of bank-owned aircraft, their pilots and crew to transport her on assignment around the country.

With more than a decade and a half of experience in the banking sector as a well-experienced, well-qualified and well-trusted Certified General Appraiser, the highest level of licensing available and one of the few who were both well-respected in the industry and possessed of the ability to appraise developments well-into the hundreds of millions of dollars, Ms. Mahoney departed for the private sector where her work in valuation assessment underpinned many of the commercial development industry’s most recognized names in their multi-tiered lending applications to the very banks she once served.

In  the 1990s, Ms. Mahoney transitioned her skill to sales and marketing and, under R-Mac Properties, immediately established herself as a force to be reckoned with in her new role. Throughout the decade, she would continually garner performance titles ranging from Salesperson of the Month for a number of consecutive months to Salesperson of the year on on several successive R-MAC developments. Then, in 2000, she joined the Los Angeles-based real estate legal firm BIACO International/The AmesGroup where her continuing success eventually propelled her to the position of General Partner and Director of Real Estate where she remained until 2016 when she retired with her husband, CEO Jonathan Ames.

The pair un-retired in 2020 to resurrect The AmesGroup only in a much reduced capacity representing clients both in the US and in Mexico with their real estate acquisitions and divestiture needs. With a combined 7-decades of experience behind them, the pair continues to deserve  the title past Kaufman and Broad Homes Vice-President Tony Blaylock gave them, “Ken & Barbie; overall, the true Dynamic Duo in in the real estate ibndustry”.   Today, the pair continues to provide reliable, experienced and professional counsel to those considering investing in real estate both in California and at Baja’s Rancho Costa Verde.

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