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“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”

ames group whoAs the President and Founder of The AmesGroup, I have been truly privileged to have been given the opportunity to serve some of the largest names in the real estate profession and, some of the smallest as well. Never the largest group in the nation nor even the Greater Los Angeles area, we fight the fights we believe in for the people we believe in and in doing so have compiled a list of more than three hundred clients, many of them returning clients needing representation at every level of real estate acquisition, investment and governmental affairs. From the smallest of town and city councils to the hallowed halls of state legislature; and from the streets of Los Angeles’ Union Rescue Mission to the the back-roads of community outreach shelters like Sommer Haven Ministries and All Nations International, The AmesGroup has compiled an inarguably stellar record of providing competent counsel leading to fair, equitable and just results of negotiations and decisions that we believe to be unmatched in land use law and real estate acquisition on both foreign and domestic soil; and our clients support that proposition.

So when the question is asked, “What is it that you do”, the answer is simple; “We provide an environment where dedicated individuals from all walks of professional life; lawyers, consultants, estimators,  architects, accountants, financial advisors, environmentalists, law & code enforcement officers, chemical, structural, electrical, mechanical, civil and industrial engineers and yes, even lobbyists, are all immediately available to us to address our clients’ issues with a level of professionalism that we believe is unequaled in the real property acquisition and investment theater today.” That is what The AmesGroup was built to do and that is exactly what we’ve been doing successfully  for more than 34-years.

Smaller Clients

In 1986, a small, “one-man-show” civil engineer was attempting to get his small, 5-acre, 7-parcel map approved by the Palmdale, California City Council in an area of the high desert then best-known for its scrub brush and Joshua trees. Just over 2-miles from the nearest neighbor, the engineer was betting that the then-small town of Palmdale, California would grow westerly into what it has become today and yet, the planning commission had turned him down citing a lack of fire protection for the area as support for their denial. That “one-man-show” engineer turned to the then 1-year old AmesGroup for help and, 6-weeks later, was back in front of the same planning commission with evidence that the Los Angeles County Fire Department had just had their plans approved for a new fire station less than a mile from the proposed development. Together with an agreement to provide infrastructure to the new development, the then one-man-show had his development approved and what we today know as SED Development is continuing to develop properties throughout Southern California.

palmdale 1986

Bigger Clients

In 1993, one of Las Vegas’ largest developers, the Howard Hughes Corporation discovered that one of their multi-million dollar developments in Northern Las Vegas was being denied because of a lack of demonstrable access to a specific area of the development. The AmesGroup, just 7-years old at the time, was called in to assist  the developers existing in-house counsel as, “another set of eyes”. Three weeks later the company discovered that a small, then-obscure and “insignificant” trail had been used by off-roaders, hikers and naturalists of every persuasion to access the very land that was in question. Claiming access rights under “Prescriptive Easement”, the AmesGroup was given the opportunity to argue the point  on behalf of the corporation, prove the “open, hostile and continuous use of access for a period of time exceeding 5-years” and thus secure the development’s final approval. Today, that development is know as “Summerlin”.

summerlin development

and Even Bigger Clients

In 1991, just 5-years after The AmesGroup opened its 1-man office, a front-page article ran in the Antelope Valley Press speaking to the City of Los Angeles’ eviction of Sommer Haven Ministry from property it had owned since 1940 and leased on a $1/month lease-back sale to the City’s Department of Airports since 1969. The then 2-person team sought out the then-leader of the Ministry, Sister Agnes Numer and offered to represent her pro-bono or free of charge. The good sister accepted and less than 3-months later, the Airport Commission agreed to rescind the eviction and pay the ministry more than $833,000; more than 3-times what the Commission had initially offered in relocation assistance. That money was then used to seed what is today a much larger All Nations International with a humanitarian and educational presence in more than 100 countries.

How it All Applies to You

Whether you’re a large, real estate development corporation with a 7 or 8-figure development on the line or a typical American family with two kids, a mortgage and looking for a vacation getaway that can double as your real estate investment for the future, The AmesGroup is uniquely prepared to represent your interests. As an individual investor/buyer, our counsel is free of charge as the seller is compelled to pay for your representation; something of which most first-time investor/buyers are unaware. In short, the question is, “Why would you, as specialized in your particular profession as you are, undertake the complex acquisition of property, whether on domestic or foreign soil, when others as equally-specialized in our chosen fields are available to you, free of charge, to represent you in that property acquisition?”  Yes, it really is as simple as that.

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