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We loved it so much, we bought the place; and why you should too!

Retiring from your real estate, land use and governmental affairs firm after 36-years in practice doesn’t always mean retiring from life, especially when you have the opportunity to not only buy and build your dream retirement home on what’s practically the only piece of affordable beachfront property left in this hemisphere, but also be asked to represent the developers and their sales and marketing interests for the property as well. Joyce and I have had the pleasure of knowing and representing the Rancho Costa Verde developers for more than 30-years; so when it came time to select our own piece of paradise, the choice was easy. Let us show you first just what it took to get us out of retirement and into semi-retirement and second, to satisfy our admittedly-high, well-practiced demands for our semi-retirement home on the beach in Beautiful Baja. After all, if it isn’t all we say it is, we wouldn’t be calling it home ourselves; but, you be the judge!

What Paradise looks like to us!

While “Paradise” means many things to many people, for us it meant owning a custom-built, beachfront home on property we owned in a secure, guard-gated, private residential community within driving-distance of our families in Southern California, all at an affordable price. And we found it all at Rancho Costa Verde.

Without security, both personal and in property, nothing else really mattered.

Whether it’s our own, personal security; knowing that we’re safe as we go about living our daily lives or the security that comes with knowing that the property that our home sits on is legally ours; a representation of our life’s work and an investment and that we’re able to hand down to future generations, security is always an important consideration.  And with their personal and professional investment of more than 30-years in real estate development and more than a decade in Rancho Costa Verde, few developers know more about providing their clients with that kind of security; just ask the more than 800 families who have become part of our Rancho Costa Verde family.

What makes for affordable luxury?

Affordable. I don’t think any other word in the English language better personifies the term “subjective” because what we think is affordable and what you think affordable are most certainly two different things. But I think when you see what we got for our money; a custom-built home, on the sand at Rancho Costa Verde…all-in…under $400,000, well, I think our definitions just might be the same this time! 

Not only green, but Certified Green!

It’s easy to say that a development is environmentally “Green”; but there’s saying it and then there’s proving it to the satisfaction of the government. Rancho Costa Verde is the first, and to date only, wholly self-sustaining, energy-independent, ecologically-sensitive and environmentally-green, Certified residential community in the world. 

Waste-not-want not!

Sitting between a world-treasure, The Sea of Cortez or what Jacques Cousteau called, “The world’s aquarium” and a national-treasure, the beautiful Baja Peninsula, while waste management was a governmental mandate, waste-FREE was the objective of the developers. Both parties won as did the environment! 

“Water-water everywhere but…”

Anyone who knows Mexico knows that you don’t drink the water, right? Not so fast. Meet the San Pedro de Martír mountain range, Pichaco del Diablo and why everyone loves the water here! 

Yeah, it’s beautiful but you can’t own land there. Wrong, again, Amigo!

If we couldn’t own the land we built our house on, we wouldn’t have bought here“. Meet the Fideicomiso. It’s why many of the 1.5 million Americans can call Mexico home and 173,000 of them do on the coastline.

Stop calling Baja, “Mexico”. It’s Baja and the cartels hate it here!

And this is San Felipe where before May of this year, there hadn’t been a single homicide in our little village in 25-years. Now, two gang bangers are the only casualties and we’re still the safest city around!

So what’s the down-side?

No one can be more skeptical than a lawyer; we’re just built that way. So even though my Joyce kept telling me how perfect Rancho Costa Verde was, I just didn’t believe her. I was wrong. Boy was I wrong!

And to prove it, we’ll pick up the tab for your weekend here. After 36-years of arguing the law based on nothing but the facts, I’m not about to stop here!

After 36-years of arguing the law based on nothing but the facts, I’m not about to stop here. So if you’re truly serious about finding your own piece of paradise, we’ll pick up the tab for your visit knowing that no one who’s serious about buying can possibly say “no” to Rancho Costa Verde. After all, when it comes to real estate, I’m my own harshest critic, and we bought here!

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