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man asking questionSusan C. Young is quoted in “The Art of Connection; 8-ways to Enrich Rapport and Kinship for Positive Impact” as observing and opining, “Socrates would teach his pupils by asking them intelligent and probing questions. By using their critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, they could discover the answers for themselves and retain their lessons longer. By using this same approach, there is no telling how much you might teach and solve for another person, all the while creating a memorable encounter.” We all bring something to the table, especially when you consider the fact that just getting to the point in this life where you can afford to invest in property, be it your first starter-home or an investment acquisition to fit your  portfolio evidences the fact that, in short, you’re no dummy.  The AmesGroup has found its success in not merely  providing representation to to our clients but in making them our partners. We have learned as much from them as they have from us so while we have populated this “Frequently Asked Questions” area with as much information as we possibly can, we also invite you to provide us with your informational feedback such that we may learn from you and better-answer the questions posed to us. To ask a question, simply enter the topic below; no need for complete sentences. For example, just enter “finance” or “investment” for money questions or “fideicomiso” or “trust” for property ownership questions. If the answers are not complete enough for you, simply “Click Here” or select the “Submit” option in the above, drop-down menu to ask your specific question. Or, if the answer to your question was in-sufficient or you have a different understanding of a different answer, simply propose an alternate solution. We will respond, investigate and where found plausible and informational, either replace our previous answer with yours with attribution of course or add it to our own as an alternate perspective. Finally, if you simply have a comment, we can address that as well. Simply use the “Comment” section and we’ll certainly give it due consideration.


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